About Us

The Roe Family Band is from Colorado. They will keep you entertained with their upbeat blend of Appalachian Mountain Music, Bluegrass, Ragtime, Swing, and Celtic styles... All on acoustic instruments, they play Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddle, Mountian Dulcimer, Irish Bouziki, and Bass. Through constant traveling, they stay busy... Check out their schedule.

New Flash!

  • The Roe Family band played their 3,800th show!!
  • Brian wins the 2018 Arizona State Mandonlin Contest!
  • The Band wins the Arizona State family band contest!
  • Brian places 3rd in the US National Mandolin Contest
  • Brian places 2nd in the US National Mandolin Contest
  • Who are We?

    Brothers, Ethan and Brian are the focus of the band. They have been playing music since they were able to hold their instryuments. Neither took any lessons, always playing from books and by ear. Now, they write their own music and pick things up as they go.

    Our History

    Growing up, the brothers spent their winters on a sailboat in the Pacific ocean. They were homeschooled, this remote life led to playing music. As there are little discractions, each day after school, the boys would practice.

    Every other year or so, new instruments were bought and learned. Many, many hours of practice and building of caluses consumed their days. Now, 2 deacads later, they perform over 300 shows and year.

    Where Will We Be?

  • 2019 Tour
  • March 10 - April 9 in Ireland
  • April in Texas
  • May in AL, GA, SC, NC
  • June in NC, VA, DC, MD, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA
  • July in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland
  • August in Quebec, NY, OH, IA, NE, CO
  • September in CO, KS
  • October in Colorado
  • November in Arizona
  • What Venues Do We Play?

    • Bluegrass Festivals
    • Old-Time Festivals
    • Country Fairs
    • State Fairs
    • Renisance Festivals
    • Art Fairs
    • Schools
    • Restraunts
    • Bars and Pubs
    • Performing arts Theaters
    • Churches
    • Private Parties
    • Retirement Communities
    • Anywhere Else!